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1.0 Introduction
1.1 What is a role playing game?
1.2 What is a GM?
1.3 The basics
1.4 So what does this game do? (design goals)

2.0 Character Creation
2.1 Step One: Choose a Race
2.2 Step Two: Choose a Class
2.3 Step Three: Choose a background
2.4 Step Four: Customizing your character
2.5 Step Five: The finishing touches.

3.0 Skills
(possible skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, First-Aid, Electronics, Piloting, Influence, Investigation, Stealth, Logistics, Mechanics, Subtlety, etc.)

Things to include: Equipment and Mods, Combat (zones, cover, features, etc.), Terrain and weather, lighting, backgrounds, monster section, space travel/vehicles,

Non-Priority: GM advice, A pre-made adventure, flavor text.

Main Page

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